Instrumental bridgediagnostic

On-site measurings:
  • With our instrumental and data registering bridge diagnostical system developed for on-site measurings the basic task is to perform and evaluate objective and unified measurings
  • For the bridte state qualification system - with unified measuring devices - determination and service of base data and measuring results
  • Load test measurings.

Our measuring devices meet the requirements of the modern diagnostical demands


The DEDITEC is a displacement meter with telescope is suitable for measuring deflection without having formed a fix base under the moving cross section.
  • Static / dynamic measurings
  • Horizontal and vertical displacements are measured simultaneously (kapuzatok összehajlás mérése)
  • Mederszerkezetek lehajlás mérése – a fix base is not necessary


Thanks to its size and build-up the LIPOT displacement meter is suitable for using it in tight places like measuring vertical movements of terminal structures.
  • Static / dynamic measurings
  • In narrow places, one-way displacements
  • Build-up of a fix point is needed
  • Lehajlás measuring, sarumérés, kereszteloszlás determination, hossztartó-megszakítás measuring


The DILO dilatation data collection device is capable of storing data of several measuring days without any user intervention.
  • For measuring axial displacements of dilatation structures resulted by loading or/and temperature change
  • A few days measuring is possible when relocated to bridge structures
  • If necessary „vandal-proof” steel cover
The application if these measuring devices don't influence the railway-, and road traffic and operation. The on-site digital collection of data is solved and these data are suitable for further computerized processing and evaluation. / CC BY 3.0