Track diagnostic - PATER
PATER track diagnostic expert system
PATER is a computer-aided decision support system for railway diagnostics. The purpose of the software is to assist track maintenance professionals in day to day analysis and designing tasks. The preconditions include detailed data registration, easy accessibility, high-level graphical visualization and comparability of the technical and inspection data.
Thus the program provides modules for registering and maintaining network, infrastructural and technical data (Infrastructure database - ID) , for registering and keeping measure data up-to-date (Measure database - MD), it also provides graphical representation of the stored data, the overall view of track speed conditions (Traffic safety - TS) and with special subsystems, the planning of necessary maintenance work (Work suggestion - WS, Technology and cost - TC, Analysis - A).

The program also helps to document all the work done on the track. PATER is a web application. Users can access the system’s central database via the internet, thus they always receive up-to-date and valid data. The stored data can be maintained according to railway lines (tracks) and to the railway management departments defined in the database.
PATER can be easily adapted to any technical requirements of a railway company.

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